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A trustworthy and professional partner to grow your Amazon business with!

Even though we've been selling in Amazon already from 2013, building it up from zero to 6 figure revenues, we felt a certain stagnation in that business segment, a lack of purpose and set goals. Having read through the content of this course we concluded that know-how and up-to-date information about the new developments, opportunities, and functions of this world's best-selling platform is exactly what we need.

I'm happy to say that instead of disappointment we were positively surprised about how necessary all the given information about Amazon's new potential was. We learned the nature of an Amazon business in a better and more elaborate way than ever before. First and foremost we had to acknowledge that building a profitable and worthwhile business in Amazon demands dedication and the right tools.

We learned to differentiate the important from the less so. Today we understand our clients' thinking and buying process better, can evaluate the strength of our competition in Amazon and know how to invest in product

development and its most important aspects. If you wish to start your own Amazon business, find opportunities for growth or, similar to us, are in need of an in-depth audit and some fresh ideas — we 100% recommend taking part in the course by the Digital Merchant team.

As a bonus, you'll get to meet with entrepreneurs with a similar mindset and goals!

Ken Daniel

CEO and Owner, Screensale

A course of the utmost quality and educational value. I can totally recommend it to everyone else. Throughout the training program you'll learn that a good product is important but managing the Amazon business process as a

whole is even more vital for success. Simple solutions to complicated problems are passed on very effectively, all while teaching to enjoy the beauty of the process itself as well.

Daniel Dordett

CEO, AirPatrol

I have just finished my 11 weeks in depth online Amazon course with Digital Merchant. Without much exaggeration it has been the biggest learning curve in my Amazon journey.

We had 2-3h training + tasks followed by 2h Q&A every week covering subjects learned during the training. Mihkel and his team showed us a level of expertise and details covering all aspects in Amazon business. It was amazing to see how deep you can go with every subject.

The Internet is full of "Amazon experts" but it is very easy to get lost in this information overload. Mihkel and his team managed to put together a course that brings out the most important essence of Amazon business and delivered everything in an easily absorbable way.

Rainer Toome

E-commerce Director, John Cotton Europe

Our team took part in Digital Merchant's 3-month intensive Amazon course and the experience was excellent! Having taken many courses before, I can say for sure that this was by far the most practical, in-depth, and best organised, by true professionals who know what they're talking about.

Digital Merchant has done excellent work filtering the information, figuring out what the beginners need the most and in which order. They have developed a logical course that goes very deep into details without being overwhelming. This is something that you will never experience when you're learning on your own.

The best aspect of the course was its practicality - each 2-3h theoretical training was immediately put into practice with your own product and data. And Digital Merchant shared their own templates and worksheets that they have developed by years of experience. Between training sessions there were weekly Q&A sessions that ensured that everyone got all their questions answered and nobody fell behind. Digital Merchant's team was as helpful as you could ever wish! They have done an enormous amount of work developing this course!

So if you're planning to go to Amazon by yourself and want to be well prepared then I highly recommend taking this course!

Kairi Kuuskor

Founder and Designer, Bold Tuesday

Recently finished 3 months intense Amazon course carried out by Digital Merchant. The training course exceeded by far my expectations, it was the most beneficial and practical course I have ever attended (I have taken part in many trainings over the decades).

Got much more than expected: thanks to tons of examples, I got a sense of how Amazon works. The whole process from ideas & market research to product launch was put into a logical frame. Practical tools, templates and videos made the learning process really effective.

The structure of the training was excellent: we had weekly training sessions followed by Q&As where we learned from each other and got feedback on our homework (personal case studies). The whole team of Digital Merchant is really dedicated and helpful, it’s obvious that it was tremendous work to prepare the course., As a bonus, marketing and customer service related tips we learned are universal and can be well-used when selling in other channels, outside Amazon.

I highly recommend this course if you are considering selling on Amazon. I started in Amazon on my own, with little help only and realized during the course how many mistakes I have done. Yes, there is a lot of information out there, free of charge, but if You don’t have unlimited time & budget to make mistakes than probably it’s cheaper to learn properly before You start

Marge Kõllamägi

Member of Board, Green Bite

Thanks to my research before the course I was already aware that doing business in Amazon will pose 10+1 new problems and obstacles. Having extensive experience in running my own business I knew that trying to figure out stuff yourself is one of the most time-consuming things, and so it seemed more reasonable to take the shortcut and go through Digital Merchant's course right away.

From time to time it has felt like hours that you put under a study course are somewhat a waste of time. Most experts are the kind that don't actually teach you anything new. They repeat the old or don't teach with enough depth and precision. Well, during the course by Digital Merchant, I can honestly say I never felt any of those emotions. It was most definitely the best course I've ever had the pleasure to go through.

During the course it became clear that I had to alter my original plan quite a lot. All my products went through a systematic analysis on their compatibility with Amazon, state of the competition and customer feedback, where I learned what clients actually want. Based on all of this I created a completely new concept to bring to the Amazon marketplace and stand out from competition.

The study program was extremely thorough and systematic, and of course put together by the best Amazon specialists in our region.

Taavi Tull

CEO and Owner, Meveda OÜ

I can say I personally went through the 3-month Amazon course by Digital Merchant.

As someone who has a long history as an entrepreneur I’ve used all the more traditional sales channels (including an e-commerce platform). Since our sales rocketed following Covid along with the general e-commerce sales, we decided we’d like to try Amazon as well. So that’s what led us to this course, the wish to partake in the sales’ opportunities that only the world’s best e-commerce store -Amazon - can offer.

I can firmly say that the decision to take part in this course by Digital Merchant was the only right one. The course is put together by a team of the utmost qualified practitioners, who have made a fair share of mistakes, so we wouldn’t have to. Through the years the instructors have gathered endless know-how, personal experience and sales techniques that they kindly shared with us. All the personal questions that rose during the course always got an expert response.

Since the course was rather intensive and the amount of shared information big, to get the best possible results, I suggest entrepreneurs take this course, if possible, as a team or with a partner. At least this is what we did and I can say with full certainty that for us that was the right path. Alone you might miss out on some details and in these moments having a partner is extremely helpful.

Tarmo Kattago

Manager, Lindante OÜ